“I already have a website online but I don’t seem to be making many sales from it.  Was there something else I was supposed to do to have customers find me online”? 

This is a comment I hear daily from business owners across the spectrum.  Simply putting a website online does not ensure your company’s financial success.  Without an effective marketing campaign your company’s website is simply one in a billion on the information superhighway.  

To find out some exciting ways we can help your business be found online click play and watch the video below!  Tip: To watch video with better resolution, simply click on ”HQ” for Higher Quality.  Enjoy!


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Working with our team, myself and the good people I partner with on a contractual basis to service clients, we will help you select the right type of service that will benefit your business, develop a plan and help you implement the steps necessary to get started.  

Simply email me at timhansen00@yahoo.com or call 510-508-0896 for an intial consultation.

Timothy Hansen, Internet Marketing Consultant