Why have ProActive Market sell for you online ?


  • Companies
  • We can help you develop another Sales distribution channel online selling your new or older inventory.  Also in some instances we can develop sales further by showing you how to turn your new auction customers into people who will come directly to your website and buy direct !  We affectionately call this “Earn while you Learn”.
  • Individuals & Estates
  • Your items can be listed for sale as soon as they are evaluated and processed by our team of experts – no need to wait for the one-day platform of traditional auction houses.
  • With listing options of “Buy it Now” and “Best Offer” Top Potential Buyers will never miss an auction deadline because your items can be listed immediately.
  • If an item does not sell at auction or by the end of the listing period we will happily relist the item again for no additional fee.
  • Our Buy-Now or Best-Offer approach to many of our listings gives you the opportunity to accept or reject listing and offer prices for your item.
  • Full-service Estate Liquidation services are available. We assist our Clients throughout the entire process. If items are not suitable for sale with online representation, in some instances we will recruit our Estate Liquidation Partners or Non-Profits to assist in the removal, sale or donation of those items.
  • All of our items are listed online with detailed descriptions and multiple photographs from all angles.
  • E-Marketing benefits
    We take full advantage of what the internet has to offer to proactively market your items online such as,
    • Frequent social marketing outreach via Facebook & Twitter
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on all our items
    • Multiple transaction partners exponentially increase the potential exposure of your items for sale
  • Non-Profit Services
  • We provide services that make it easier for our clients to “give back.” We also offer charitable organizations a range of support service to assist with their fundraising needs.
  • Choose a portion of the sale proceeds you’d like to go to your favorite charity- We support our non-profit donation listings through eBay Giving Works, a collaboration of eBay and MissionFish. Choose the non-profit and percentage of sales you want donated, and we will ensure that donation is collected and delivered directly to the organization as intended.
    • ProActive Marketing will handle all aspects of the sale
    • MissionFish will handle all aspects of the distribution of funds and tax reporting
      documents to the seller
    • We offer reduced commission fees on donated items

    Fund Raising for your Non-Profit/Charity: ProActive Markeing can help your non-profit organization fundraise in a variety of ways: Turn in-kind donations into cash through our online Silent Auction services– We are a professional turn-key service for selling donated items. By listing your items through our multi-channel selling services, you can ensure the highest value for your donated items by presenting it to ProActive Marketing’s global buying audience.We do this thru a variety of ways including the following..

  • Photos, valuation research, and listing preparations
  • Free promotion for your listings
  • Listing activity is a linkable advertisement for your nonprofit
  • eBay has more potential buyers than any other charity auction site – many more than you can fit into an event venue
  • More buyers means increased chances for higher sale prices
  • We offer reduced commission fees on donated items


  • What is the Fee Structure ?

    Standard eBay Listings*

    • 35% of the first  $250.00
    • 30% of the next $250.00 up to $1,500
    • 25% of remaining amount (over $1,500 per item)

    *Based on per item sale values

  • Although the “market demand” determines the final selling value, we accept items with a estimated minimum eBay selling value of $50.  Owner of item(s) is responsible for all ebay * paypal transaction fee’s. Additional fees may apply for onsite photography, timed auctions, minimum reserve requirements etc.
Please feel free to give us a call at 510-508-0896 or email us at timhansen00@yahoo.com to find out more details on how we can help turn your inventory,donations,items into cash.
Tim Hansen