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This is a story about how three clients of mine who wanted to improve their health and lose weight, wrote a book, became published authors, and learned how to use the web to leverage their success with their most recent occurrence being an guest appearance on Channel 7′s  “The View from the Bay”.  

Take a look at this video to see them in action on how they used Video and Blogging to promote their business.


Their book “Slender with a Blender” has some wonderful recipes in it, especially for the holiday’s and it would make an excellent gift.  I’ve tried a few of the recipes myself and they are definetly delicious and would be a welcome holiday treat!

If you want to get a copy of their highly acclaimed book “Slender with a Blender” or just follow their weightloss challenge online visit their website at

When J.R. Cohen, Operations Manager for CoffeeGroundz (@coffeegroundz) Cafe in Houston, Texas first heard about Twitter from one of his customers, he was puzzled but intrigued. Today, he credits Twitter with almost doubling his clientele and with opening his eyes to a whole new way to build Community.

To see the entire story about how a local coffee shop owner used twitter to double his clientele, visit this link

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This has got to be one of my favorite stories because it illustrates how a Restaurant Owner effectively used Email Marketing to increase sales during previous slow times for her business.  Here’s an excerpt from an earlier article..

When Pam Felix put up the website in 2000, she wasn’t sure what would happen. “I’m not sure I had any expectations,” she said, “But since I put out a goofy monthly newsletter that most people seem to like, I thought at the very least I could keep conveying that goofy mom and pop feel via the internet.” And the results? “It worked better than I ever thought it could. I had our employees put a slip of paper on every single person’s tray that said: ‘FREE FOOD! Just send your email address to our email address and we’ll send you a free taco, etc. etc’ We got a ton of emails, along with a ton of customer feedback.”

When it comes to marketing, Pam feels that email is by far the most cost effective thing they do. “We give out free chips and queso on rainy days and now instead of being our slowest days, they’re some of our busiest. If I feel like a day’s going to be slow for some other reason, I can send an email to 6,000 people offering them something and I can be fairly certain that will make the day busy.”

Pam realized early on that people don’t want to be bombarded with promotional emails all the time. “I make sure that I never overdo it. My theory is one newsletter email a month and two giveaway emails a month. It seems to be working.”  

What one piece of advice would she give to someone planning to get their local business online? “Just one? I’ve got a zillion. But if it’s just one, I’d say keep it short and sweet. All of my emails give something to the customer and are funny — at least I TRY to be funny. Half the battle is getting people to open the emails — and if they think they’re going to get something for free and that it might make them laugh, they’re much more apt to open them. They’ll NEVER open them if I’m just going to advertise the business.”

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If your in the Trades and tired of guessing if your Yellowpage Ad is working or not and looking for a better way to find new customers check out this video in which Tim Carter, a Building Contractor out of Cincinnati Ohio, used an effective Internet Marketing method, Online Video, to connect with current and potential customers.

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Gary Vaynerchuk, author of “Crush It”, a new book which details how to turn your passion into a business, is an entrepreneur who used online video to help grow his families Traditional Wine Store sales.   Click the video below to see and example of him in action! 

To see more of Gary’s video wine reviews find him online at

Why Internet Marketing Matters to Local Businesses

If there was ever only one powerful reason for your local business to consider Internet marketing it would be the fact that your customers are not relying on “Yellow Pages” as much as the Internet to find what they need. Though most of your customers still use various different methods to find your local business, the study conducted by, TMP Directional Marketing, found what people seem to prefer as their first choice for doing so:

1. Search Engines (31%)

2. Print Yellow Pages or White Pages (30%)

3. Internet Yellow Pages Sites (19%)

4. Local Search Sites (11%)

Consumers Search Online but Buy Offline

Although the online channel is the primary source of local research, purchases are most often made offline. Following online local searches, consumers most often contact a business over the telephone (39%), visit the business in-person (32%) or contact the business online (12%).

This stat alone should tell you that as a small business owner you not only need to be online you also need to be found online by your prospective clients.

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