Website Development and Design

In a fast paced world you need to have a website that’s both informative and engaging.  Whether you want an informational site focused on explaining your services, a direct response site targeting a specific product line, or something in between, we can help you.  In addition, we can help make your site interactive by adding video, blogs, surveys, and more to keep your customers coming back!   By using a variety of Open Source technology, Customized Templates and Content Management Systems(CMS), such as a blog, we can help you design a site that fits your specific needs as well as optimize your website to be found by the various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and more!

Online Web 2.0 Advertising

By using a variety of over 30+ Video sites such as YouTube, Google, Yahoo as well as popular Social Media sites such as FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter etc combined with Interactive Search Engine Directory Placement, we can create and distribute your advertising message online quickly and help leverage your internet presence by driving more local business to your business.

Lead Generation using “Permission Based Email Marketing”

Email marketing lets you or your team stay in touch with customers and prospects in a variety of low cost but effective ways.  Here are some examples of how this strategy can help grow your business.  Create Newsletters and use them as passive sales tools to keep your business on customers minds.  Develop prospectings lists to keep potential new clients informed about upcoming sales or specials.     Invite customers to in store demos, or workshops and generate leads or referrals.


With more than 60% of people researching products and services to buy online why not have an online store providing those goods and services and make a profit?  I can help you setup a complete ecommerce solution from scratch or if you already have an online storefront or a physical store selling products and services I can help you develop additional sales channels to expand your company’s sales reach globally and help you maximize and increase your company’s profit margin.  In most cases your ecommerce store can be ready for business within a week!

To find out more about how one or a combination of the above strategies can help grow your business, simply use our “Contact Us Tab” above to request more information.


Timothy Hansen, Internet Marketing Consultant